Sonoma Hot Air Ballooning: Exclusive Views, Vineyards, and Fewer Crowds (vs. Napa)

If you’re dreaming of a Napa Valley hot air balloon ride, consider venturing just a short way west for an even more spectacular experience with Sonoma Ballooning. Leave the Napa bustle behind and float peacefully over the breathtaking Carneros AVA, known for its rolling hills, world-class vineyards, and expansive views that Napa hot air balloon companies simply can’t compete with.

Hot Air Balloon into the Carneros AVA with Sonoma Ballooning
Hot air balloon from Sonoma to Napa

Escape the Napa Crowds, Embrace Sonoma Serenity

Napa Valley is undeniably beautiful, but its popularity can lead to crowded skies and less personalized hot air balloon experiences. Sonoma offers a more tranquil atmosphere. With Sonoma Ballooning, you’ll enjoy a less crowded flight, as we prioritize customer comfort by not flying our balloons at maximum capacity.

Panoramic Views: From Vineyards to the Golden Gate

While Napa balloon companies often take flight further up-valley, potentially leading to views of rooftops and urban sprawl, Sonoma Ballooning’s flights typically ascend over the Carneros AVA. This means you’ll enjoy uninterrupted vistas of vine-covered hills, with possible glimpses of the San Francisco skyline and the iconic Golden Gate Bridge.

Landing Locations

Unlike Napa hot air balloon companies often confined to specific landing spots, Sonoma Ballooning boasts partnerships with exclusive locations. Imagine gently descending onto the grounds of the luxurious Meritage Resort and Spa, the Stanley Lane Ranch, the world-renowned Domaine Carneros, or among the artistic wonders of the di Rosa sculpture park.

Di Rosa is one of Sonoma Balloons favorite landing sites. Just inside the Napa county line.

Convenient Access, Especially from Napa

Maximize your time in Wine Country with Sonoma Ballooning’s easily accessible launch site. If you’re staying in Napa, you’ll appreciate that our location is a mere 10.6 miles away – significantly closer than Napa-based companies whose launch sites can be up to 13 miles further north. This means less time in the car and more time enjoying the breathtaking beauty of a Sonoma hot air balloon experience. Especially for guests staying in southern Napa, Sonoma Ballooning is the clear winner in convenience.

The Personal Touch: It Matters

With all Napa hot air balloon companies now under the same ownership, personalized service can sometimes suffer. Sonoma Ballooning remains a smaller, family-owned operation, focused on delivering a truly exceptional and memorable experience for each and every guest.

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