Hot Air Balloon Festivals

Hot air balloon rides offer an exhilarating and unforgettable experience, an opportunity to greet the day from an entirely different perspective and enjoy a temporary sense of freedom as the balloon drifts slowly above. Sonoma ballooning is particularly gratifying as passengers view the fields and vineyards below, bordered by a backdrop of mountains and sea. Since the […]

Best Places To Eat In Sonoma County

Visitors to Sonoma County have a wide variety of options for fun things to do. Whether for seaside excursions, hiking in the redwoods, hot air balloon rides, wine tastings and winery visits, and much more. Sonoma County is also populated with many of the best places to eat, from Michelin-star awarded restaurants to smaller bistros […]

Best Wineries In Sonoma

There are loads of fun things during a Sonoma County weekend or a longer, more leisurely vacation. With breathtaking scenery, must-see sights, and more, the area offers many Michelin-starred restaurants, quaint cafes, outdoor activities like hiking, camping, and those very popular Sonoma ballooning adventures. Including a wine tasting session or two and a winery tour […]

Plan Your Weekend Getaway To Sonoma

Bay Area residents are lucky to have so many world-class recreational activities only a short distance away. Whether with extensive planning or somewhat “spur-of-the-moment,” couples, families, and groups can reach incredible weekend destinations within little more than an hour’s drive. And these are destinations and activities that tourists worldwide will plan months ahead to come […]

Wondering How A Hot Air Balloon Works?

Few activities free us of our daily concerns as much as an exhilarating hot air balloon ride, floating gently in the fresh air above a stunning landscape of Sonoma Valley. From the moment the balloon begins to rise, your attention will be fully absorbed by the majestic panorama of the area. This breathtaking experience is […]

Plan Your Summer Weekend Getaway To Sonoma

If you are lucky enough to live and work near the San Francisco Bay area, nearby Sonoma Valley offers a delightful getaway opportunity to enjoy for a weekend or longer. Known for its world-class wines, excellent restaurants, beautiful scenery, and outdoor adventures galore, Sonoma County has everything a couple, family, or group of friends can […]

Hot Air Balloon Adventure In Sonoma Valley

Whether for a day trip, a weekend, or a weeklong escape from the San Francisco Bay area or anywhere else, Sonoma Valley offers a host of fun, rewarding, and exciting activities only a distance away. While Sonoma Valley happens to be 30-minutes closer and easier to access than its famous neighbor, Napa Valley, the area […]

What Packages Does Sonoma Ballooning Offer Along With Hot Air Balloon Rides?

Sonoma Valley offers a most delightful and easy-to-access escape for millions of people compared to other California wine areas. Here you can sample the world-class wines, experience the area’s unique history and culture, dine at a variety of delightful restaurants, enjoy being pampered at a relaxing spa, hike and bike through the scenic, natural environment, […]

Looking For A Napa Hot Air Balloon Ride?

Know Before You Go! Did you know a hot air balloon Napa ride may actually be further away from your Napa Valley hotel or even San Francisco lodging than you think? While some individuals plan their Napa Valley tours and excursions in advance, many others find themselves online searching for popular attractions such as “best […]

Physical Requirements Of Hot Air Ballooning

A Sonoma Ballooning hot air balloon ride is a safe and fun activity for almost all ages, but it is an outdoor adventure and there are some individuals for whom ballooning may not be appropriate. All guests must be able to stand during the entire flight unassisted and be in good overall health. Guests must also be […]